The Power of the Pub

From the shining beer tap handles to the old snooker tables, a true pub has a unique feel to it. When you are travelling the world you should seek out the pubs and meet the locals. You’ll be happy you did.

The first thing to do is to ask someone in the area what their favorite pub is. If possible, get them to show you. You’ll be well received, I promise. I don’t know how many friends I have made in front of the beertaps by just saying hello. The drink they are enjoying is usually a great starting point. If you find a pub that prides itself on the quality of their drinks, then it’s even easier.

You should make friends with the bartender. The easiest way to do this is to pay as you go, with cash and tip with each drink. But we don’t want friendship to be based on money do we? My favorite tactic is, if it’s a slow night or a sleepy pub, ask the bartender to make you his favorite drink or a drink they haven’t made in years. This is best done with serious bartenders rather than college kids just trying to make a buck. You can also order something interesting but don’t make it something difficult. You don’t want to annoy them with complicated drinks. Some bartenders get annoyed at anything more complicated than pouring from the beer taps. It’s time to find a better pub if that’s the case.

Find out what the house special food is and order it. Especially in the United Kingdom, pub food is an experience you will never forget and will always crave. Right now I am craving curried crisps with onion gravy. For the foodie, you have to experience it. Don’t turn your nose up just because it’s not a 5 star restaurant. You need to be open minded. Remember the first time you tried something you never thought you would like and it sparked your lifelong love of interesting food? Go back to your roots and explore a bit. The pub won’t disappoint.

This post is contributed by Wailing Soul who loves to write about food and drinks.


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