Best Winter Restaurants in the United States

There are certain cities in the United States that makes the perfect destination during the winter. From skiing getaways to urban vacations, dining should always be a large part of the experience. This list encompasses the 5 very best winter restaurants in America.
1. Syzygy,Aspen: Visitors to this ski resort of Colorado may spend their days on the slopes, but at night it is time to try the world class cuisine on offer. Many of the meals need to be hearty in order to fill up hungry skiers and snowboarders after a day full of activity, and Syzygy is no exception. Utilizing local ingredients from Colorado such as beef, lamb and even elk, the entrees are primarily focused on a high quality protein surrounded by organic and creative sides. With an extensive wine list and attentive staff, this is easily one of the best restaurants in all of Colorado.

2. Balthazar, New York City: Many people enjoy trips to Manhattan in the winter, in order to soak in the many Christmas decorations and excitement. Duck into museums for warmth and choose this restaurant for a filling, hearty meal. Balthazar serves Parisian fare, reminiscent of European cafes.

3. America's Restaurant, Houston: When the weather gets freezing elsewhere in the United States, Houston has the perfect winter temperatures for visitors. Except cool days perfect for walking around and exploring the city, and be sure to stop in at America's Restaurant, an establishment that draws on ingredients, style and preparation techniques from North, South and Central America to create incredible meals. The bold interior decor gives diners a glimpse of what to expect in their entrees, including vibrant colors and cutting-edge innovation. Try entrees featuring the cuts of meat most popular in Latin America, or salmon for a lighter touch. Desserts such as tres leches or dulce de leche finish off the meal perfectly.

4. Ortanique, Washington D.C.: This city is a fantastic place to visit during the winter, as many of the permanent residents take holidays to other destinations and vacation time for Congress means a quieter vibe for the city. Although the weather might be cold, take advantage of the tropical dining at Ortanique to revive your spirit and bring an island getaway to mind instead. The food is a delightful fusion of Caribbean ingredients and French preparation techniques to create the ultimate entrees featuring fruits, fish and freshly baked breads.

5.Baleen at Grove Isle Hotel & Spa, Miami: When you simply can't take the winter weather for another day, head to Miami to warm up and experience delicious cuisine at Baleen. With a heavy emphasis on fresh local seafood, diners should be sure to taste house specialties like seabass, scallops and grouper. 

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